Whether you make a good candidate for Invisalign treatment or if you’re better suited to traditional braces will come down to an exam and the specific misalignment issues you’re facing. As for how to make sense of one versus the other, we can help you gain a clearer picture with some of the main differences. Keep in mind that there are always benefits and drawbacks to any selection, so while you might love the idea of clear aligner trays, receiving braces can be just as exciting and beneficial.

How Long Do Treatments Take?

It’s important that you note your treatment time may not be the same as someone else’s. Each malocclusion and course of care is different because everyone’s needs are different. With that stated, you can generally expect Invisalign treatment to require up to a year and a half of wear. With traditional braces, the same requirements may take about two years. Invisalign typically requires a bit less time.

What Do The Treatments Include?

When you wear Invisalign treatment, you’ll be placing a clear, plastic aligner tray over your teeth every day. Keep in mind that they are removable. If you wear traditional braces, you will have brackets on your teeth and arch wires that connect those brackets to shift your smile. This system is not removable. Choosing between removable and fixed comes with a variety of pros and cons! While removability sounds nice, it also lends itself toward accidentally lost or misplaced trays, for example.

How Do Treatments Affect Daily Life?

Invisalign treatment is clear (most cannot see it) and is removable (you can eat, drink, and brush and floss without interruption). Braces are visible, are fixed, and you will have to alter the way that you eat and care for your smile to avoid damaging them. Invisalign is certainly less disruptive but you cannot accidentally lose your braces.

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