When you’re unsure about your third molars, you might prefer to sweep your concerns under the rug and “worry about it later.” However, your Corona dentist suggests learning about wisdom teeth removal immediately! Since these teeth begin showing up around the time you’re at the end of your teens or in the beginning of your twenties, this is probably relevant to you. Keep in mind that many people need them removed but not everyone. Feel even more confused? We can clear it all up with a very efficient, easy-to-understand breakdown.

You Don’t Always Need Them Removed

You probably assume that everyone needs wisdom teeth removal. However, this is not the case. As your Corona dentist explains, the removal of third molars is quite common but it’s not essential for each person. Why not? Well, not everyone develops them. If you don’t have molars to remove, then you don’t need oral surgery! Then, there are those patients for whom these molars develop in a perfectly sound manner. Again, removal is not important.

You Often Do Need Them Removed

As for those patients who do require wisdom teeth removal, you may be wondering what leads to this need. Your Corona dentist can quickly explain:

  • If your tooth is impacted, it needs to come out.
  • If your tooth is going to erupt on an angle that makes it press on surrounding teeth, it needs to come out.

Sometimes, It’s An Elective Procedure

Now, let’s say you’re someone whose wisdom teeth have come in just fine. However, keeping them clean is proving extremely difficult. Your Corona dentist explains that you may leave them in place if you wish but electing to have them removed is a wise decision.

Think You Need Wisdom Teeth Removal?

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