Your friends have been telling you that you should drink green tea. You see online that this beverage is packed full of antioxidants. You get a general sense that it must be good because it’s on the shelves of every health food store you visit. After a while, you start wondering whether it really offers oral health benefits or additional health advantages. The answer is yes! Get the details sorted out with a quiz from your Moreno Valley dentist.

Quiz Questions: True or False?

  1. True or False: Drinking green tea isn’t going to provide you with any health benefits. It tastes good and it has a lot of hype surrounding it but there’s nothing to get too excited about.
  2. True or False: As long as you’re drinking something that says it includes green tea or that is green tea flavored, you can expect to enjoy the oral health benefits.
  3. True or False: Your Moreno Valley dentist explains that the main benefits you can expect from drinking green tea include oral cancer prevention, as well as prevention of gum disease.

Quiz Answers

  1. False. The reason that green tea is associated with so many claims is because it does offer a variety of benefits for you. Fortunately, this can include advantages for your oral health!
  2. False. Your Moreno Valley dentist explains that you must be drinking pure, natural green tea to reap the benefits. If you’re drinking something that is green tea flavored or if you load your tea up with honey or sugar, you may be putting your teeth at risk instead of helping them.
  3. True. Fortunately, the benefits of this beverage pack some serious power for your smile! While you will need to be careful about protecting your teeth from stains and erosion, the benefits may make it a worthwhile choice.

Learn About Good Choices To Protect Your Gums

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