While your little one may be over the moon excited about a first loose tooth, you may find yourself feeling anything but enthusiastic. Of course, you love watching your child grow. However, if you don’t know how to answer your child’s questions about loose baby teeth and how to proceed, you may wish for just a few more years before it’s time for those permanent teeth to start coming in! No worries. Your children’s dentist has some information for you that is sure to help you feel just as happy about this time as your son or daughter.

When Should Baby Teeth Fall Out?

Not sure if it’s normal that your child’s baby teeth are loose? Your children’s dentist explains that baby teeth generally begin falling out around the age of about six or seven. Does that mean that your child is “weird” or something is wrong if teeth become loose at five or eight? Not at all. Remember that when it comes to dental details, everyone is unique. If you’re concerned, simply call us.

Can We Pull Them Out At Home?

If a tooth is dangling by a thread, then grasping it carefully with a tissue and pulling gently is just fine. However, when a tooth is not yet loose or if it is still solidly in place, we never suggest that you do anything to force it out. Making a tooth come out too early, your children’s dentist explains, can lead to injury. It should fall out all on its own.

What If They Don’t Fall Out Naturally?

What happens if a tooth seems to be loose forever but never falls out? What to do if your child isn’t experiencing any loose teeth but you think it’s about time? Contact your children’s dentist to set up a visit, so we can check in on things.

Receive The Education You Need To Protect Kids’ Smiles

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