Do you know if you are, perhaps, straining your jaw joints (which we refer to as your TMJs, short for temporomandibular joints)? In many cases, patients don’t recognize that this is something that can happen to anyone, that TMJ disorder comes from a variety of causes, and that simple daily tasks may be causing jaw joint stress. Not to worry, your Corona dentist asks some questions that will help you recognize what you should (or should not) be doing.

Are You Forcing Your Chewing?

What types of things are you eating? Did you know that requiring a ton of force and effort during chewing can tax your jaw joints? If you can’t quite rip apart that bagel, chew through those super-hard nuts, or otherwise, your Corona dentist explains that you may be making matters worse for your TMJ disorder (or encouraging it to develop).

Are You Doing Extra Chewing?

It’s one thing to require your jaw joints to move to eat and talk. It’s another for you to call on them to chew throughout the day out of habit. If you’re a pen-gnawer, nail-biter, bubble-gum-chewer, ice-snacker, or anything else that keeps you moving your jaws, limit the movement to avoid strain.

Are You Leaning Against Your Jaw?

Whether you’re talking on the cell phone, feeling a bit bored and resting the side of your face against your fist, or pressing your jaw out of alignment for extended periods of time in any other way, this can actually make an existing TMJ disorder case worse. Your Corona dentist suggests that you remember to be careful about this!

Come Talk With Us About TMJ Discomfort

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