You’ll receive a lot of warnings from your children’s dentist. However, something you may never have expected might be a warning against fruit! Now, before you feel completely confused, rest assured that we are not telling you to avoid fruit. We are, however, instructing you to eat and serve fruit wisely (and to eat it carefully). If not, you could actually be placing smiles in harm’s way!

Remember, Fructose Is Dangerous, Too

Your children’s dentist likes you to remember that even though fruit is healthy, it still contains sugar. Table sugar, you wonder, scratching your head? No. However, the sugar in fruit (called fructose) is similarly devoured and metabolized by bacteria in your smile, which means the acids they release on your teeth will eventually result in cavities. So, keep offering little ones fruit but have them drink water afterwards.

Don’t Miss Seeds, Pits, and More

You’re so used to carefully eating cherries, taking the pits out of peaches, watching for black seeds in watermelon, and more that it doesn’t really register anymore. However, when it comes to your kids, they’re not as accustomed to watching out for these oral health dangers. What you can do to help them, suggests your children’s dentist, is cut fruit up ahead of time, removing pits and seeds (warning them is helpful, too).

Stop Overlooking The Acidic Nature Of Fruit

Yes, fruit juice is healthier than soda. However, it’s just as acidic, so don’t assume a juice box is safe for teeth. Water is the only safe option (with milk as a very nearly safe option in second place). Rinse with water after juice.

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