Do you already keep your toothbrush out in the air, so it can dry thoroughly? Do you use dental hygiene products according to the guidelines we’ve suggested? If so, you’re already doing a stand-out job with your oral care at home. However, while you’re obviously paying close attention to detail, there may still be a few potential minor hazards that are escaping you. To make sure you’re familiar with the ins and outs of successful care, your Corona dentist offers helpful tips!

Tip: Watch For Moldy Toothbrush Holders

Your Corona dentist is pleased that you have been placing your toothbrush head-up in a cup or a toothbrush holder, so it can dry out in the open air. With that said, don’t forget that it’s important to make sure that your cup or holder, which is coming into contact with water every day, is nice and clean. Avoid moldy buildup that can compromise your otherwise very clean brush.

Tip: Watch For Yucky Toothbrush Heads

How thoroughly are you rinsing your toothbrush after each use? If you’re giving it the quickest of rinses, you may be leaving food particles and bacteria and paste behind. Make sure you cleanse it completely with water before allowing it to air dry.

Tip: Watch For Open Product Containers

You don’t want to compromise the products you’re purchasing and using for your oral health! To ensure they remain potent and clean, your Corona dentist simply reminds you to replace the cap after use for items like mouthwash and toothpaste. Dental hygiene products have an expiration date, can go bad, and you don’t want anything to crawl or fall into them when you’re not looking! So, store them as directed on the package for best results.

Keep Your Smile Healthy By Keeping Your Products Clean!

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