Whether you have recently read something about bruxism disorder or we have diagnosed you with a need for bruxism treatment, you might be shocked. How on earth is anyone supposed to figure out that they have bruxism when it’s often so difficult to detect? In short, visits to our practice every six months will allow us to see it very early on. “But really, why wasn’t there some sign?” you may wonder to yourself. For this, we encourage you to remember that there’s no reason to feel guilty or confused. It really is a disorder that can hide out quite easily and your Moreno Valley dentist has a few explanations that are sure to resonate.

Your Friends Don’t Know What To Say

It’s entirely possible that someone has heard you when you grind or clench your teeth together! However, even if someone is aware of your bruxism disorder, it doesn’t mean they are going to know what to say to you. So, unless you have some very outspoken and close people in your life, don’t expect anyone but your Moreno Valley dentist to tip you off!

You Do It In Your Sleep

Bruxism disorder is something that some patients only perform while they are sleeping. As a result, you have no way of knowing that you’re grinding and clenching. The effects are there but the evidence may prove extremely difficult if not impossible to detect.

You Just Don’t Notice It!

Do you grind or clench during the day? Guess what? Bruxism disorder results from involuntary muscle movements. So, you just might not realize it’s something that you’re performing. Not to worry. Your Moreno Valley dentist will find it for you!

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