When you find that you have chapped lips, you know just what to do. However, when you notice that your child is experiencing such dryness, you might feel a little uncertain about what might be happening and what you should be doing. Well, you’re in luck! Your children’s dentist is happy to offer easy solutions if your child’s smile is zapped of moisture lately. With a bit of additional insight, you’ll find you can come to the rescue for this, too!

Watch Your Kid’s Actions

Is your son or daughter continually licking his or her lips? Step in and make some choices. First, you might want to send your child to school with lip balm. It’s also a good idea to apply a nighttime lip treatment before your child goes to bed. Simply keeping lips coated and protected will prevent further drying and can allow them to heal. (It’s worth explaining, too, to your child that if lips feel dry, apply balm but don’t lick!).

Check Your Products

Older kids, such as teens, may be using harsher products around their mouths, such as astringents, face washes, and topicals. This can come into contact with lip tissue, which may quickly lead to chapped lips (or make matters worse). Your children’s dentist reminds you to let your kids know they should keep strong products away from the delicate lip area when possible.

Consider Simple Causes

Your children’s dentist reminds you that that there are some issues that may be contributing to chapped lips beyond licking and the need for balm:

  • Indoor heating and cooling can be very drying, so remember that a humidifier added to your child’s room might be beneficial
  • Don’t overlook very cold or hot weather (this might be time for more balm)
  • Treat congestion quickly! It will cause mouth-breathing and chapped lips

Protect Your Kids’ Smiles By Keeping Lips Comfortable

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