Most of the questions that you ask your Corona dentist will begin with “why” and that is perfectly normal. We get “why” questions all day every day. In fact, we encourage such questions because we want our patients to feel good about their dental care (as well as committed) and we know that answers to those why-related questions are extremely important. To give you a bit of a sneak preview into the stuff that we’re happy to answer, we’re getting you started with answers to a myriad of smile questions. For those unique details you’ve been trying to figure or are simply curious about: Come in and ask!

Why Should I Floss?

Your Corona dentist explains very simply that you should floss because it’s the only effective way to clean between your teeth (and to clean under your gumline) on a daily basis. When you neglect this necessity, bacteria are not removed but stay put, building up and hardening until decay and gingivitis form.

Why Doesn’t My Friend Get Cavities?

There may be so many reasons! Your friend may practice better dental hygiene. Your friend may keep up with professional dental care more consistently. It could also be that your friend avoids sugary foods, carb-heavy foods, acidic foods, or that this person is one of very few members of the population immune to cavity formation.

Why Do We Need Fluoride?

It keeps your teeth (your enamel, particularly), very hard and strong. Without it, you become more susceptible to breakage and cavities, explains your Corona dentist.

Why Can’t I Just Whiten On My Own?

It’s too dangerous. Products that are not provided by a dentist are generally watered down yet harsh, which means poor results (and damaged teeth and gums).

Ask Us Your Dental Questions

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