Is dry mouth a condition that is affecting you at the present moment? If it is, you have already become knowledgeable about some of its side effects, such as a sticky feeling mouth, bad breath, a change in the way your meals taste, and more. You may even be on the road to recovery! However, you may also still be wondering why on earth this happened to you in the first place. Well, there are an awful lot of potential contributing factors. Your Corona dentist will be happy to cover some of the primary causes (but remember that a diagnosis for your mouth will have to happen during a visit).

Cause: The Medicine You Take

Different medications come with a diverse array of side effects. Many of them, however, include dry mouth. Your Corona dentist suggests you take a look at labels of the drugs you take on a consistent basis.

Cause: The Smoking

Yep, if you smoke, you’re making any type of dryness worse.

Cause: Your Congestion

Think about your mouth. It’s full of saliva, keeping tissues moist. When you breathe through your nose, your mouth remains closed and oral tissues wet. When you mouth breathe due to congestion, those tissues are exposed to air and saliva dries up. It’s a common cause of dry mouth, explains your Corona dentist!

Cause: Saliva Issues

It’s possible that you are dealing with a problem associated with saliva production. When this happens, you simply don’t make enough of it to keep your oral tissues moist, so you develop dry mouth. This is something we can further investigate and address with a dental visit.

Cause: You Need More Water

Simple dehydration may play a role. Drink more water and see if the issue improves!

Rid Yourself Of Dry Mouth With Our Care

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