It may often seem impossible to lose your Invisalign treatment trays. You generally keep them close, you only take them out to brush, floss, or eat, and the idea of actually misplacing them seems impossible. We understand how you feel about this topic but we happen to have heard it all many, many times before. As a result, we’d like to extend some reminders, so you recognize how important it is to put forth the extra effort to keep them very safe.

#1: On A Tabletop

No, we’re not talking about at home. We’re talking about when you’re away from home. Perhaps you forget to bring along some plan for storing your Invisalign treatment trays, so you place them on your tray at your work cafeteria. Maybe you cover them with your napkin at a restaurant. There are many possibilities! What happens next often includes: You forget about the trays. You either dump them into the garbage or you leave them on the table (and someone else ends up unknowingly throwing them away). Plan ahead, so this does not happen to you.

#2: They’re In Your Bag

What type of bag do you usually have with you? A purse? A laptop bag? Your backpack for classes? While it seems logical to carefully place your Invisalign treatment trays into whatever bag you have on you quite often, remember that this bag isn’t with you 24/7. The following frequently happens, leaving you without your trays:

  • You leave your bag at school or work accidentally
  • You leave your bag in a friend’s car or at someone’s house
  • You use a different bag for the day and realize you don’t have your trays
  • You lose your bag

Keep Invisalign Safe With Our Advice

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