Does that sound like a trick question? You might hear your dental office mention the importance of “preventive checkups” and wonder what goes on at those appointments. You know that your teeth get an extra-thorough cleaning, removing plaque that has hardened into tartar. Sometimes you have X-rays, to check for hidden problems between teeth and under the gum line. Your dentist will also check for signs of serious issues like impacted wisdom teeth (in younger patients) and oral cancer (in patients at any age.)

Preventing Small Problems From Growing Into Big Ones

Many things can develop over six months, but the good news for your oral health is that many dental issues start small and grow slowly. If you slack off on basic dental hygiene, your dentist can spot early signs of gingivitis (gum irritation) and get you back on track. A small cavity, discovered early, can be repaired with a tooth colored filling. A troublesome lump can receive further inspection and attention, if needed.

Preventing Loss of Time

Having a regularly scheduled appointment twice a year can be worked into your schedule. A dental emergency means you must drop everything and come in for a same-day appointment. Larger problems may mean a full day off work, while preventive appointments might only take an hour. An appointment to discuss headaches or jaw pain with your dentist opens the door for a dental solutions, rather than enduring pain for months or years.

Preventing Loss of Money

Preventive visits may be covered by dental insurance, and are worth the investment, even when paying out of pocket. Very few dental problems solve themselves, and addressing an issue while it is small is the best way to protect your pocketbook (and your smile.)

Let Us Help You Prevent Dental Issues

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