Are you ready for Halloween? Have you been wondering beyond the already obvious details (like not going overboard on the sugar consumption) if there’s anything you should do to make tonight and all Halloweens that follow a very safe and enjoyable experience for your little ones? Lucky for you, your children’s dentist suggests you take a quick checklist into consideration that you can go over with your children. It will help a lot!

#1: What Types Of Candies Are Best?

Your children’s dentist suggests you talk with your kids about which candies are best for their teeth. The answer, of course, is that the ones that melt away, dissolve, and disappear very quickly are the best. Anything that hangs around too long (like sticky stuff) saturates teeth with sugar.

#2: What Kinds Of Candies Should We Avoid?

Ask your kids if they know what kinds of candies aren’t good for their teeth. Your children’s dentist suggests reminding them that very hard candies can harm their teeth.

#3: What Don’t We Eat?

For safety’s sake (and so your kids remember that you are going to go through their candy before they can begin eating), your children’s dentist suggests making sure they know not to eat candy that is unwrapped or treats that are homemade.

#4: What Do We Say When We Receive Candy?

Why not remind your little ones to say thank you when you have their full attention?

#5: How Do We Clean Our Teeth After Eating Candy?

If you’ve been drilling dental hygiene details into your child’s mind all of these years, check in on their understanding by asking how to clean teeth after sugar eating. They will likely know that brushing is the right answer! If not, it’s an easy time to remind them.

Protect Kids Smiles With Fun Tips

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