We know that you have a pretty solid understanding of how to care for your smile, so that it looks nice, so it stays healthy, and so you can primarily rely on us for preventive care (without needing much restorative care). However, we also know that telling you to “brush two times a day” does not always come with the extended version of information you need to do so correctly and safely. Today, your Corona dentist would like to discuss some ways you can ensure you’re treating your smile gently, so you’re not getting your oral health into any trouble!

Brush Gently

Want to keep your oral health safe? Brush gently, explains your Corona dentist. Think about how you would clean a porcelain plate. Would you scour it with steel wool and press as hard as you could with abrasive products? Not unless you wanted to destroy it. Treat your teeth gently (and your gums, too) with gentle brushing and products.

Eat Foods That Require Gentle Chewing

Protect your oral health even further by eating foods that don’t ask your teeth and jaws to work wonders. If you can’t chew it quickly and with ease, you have two options: Break the food down first with a fork and knife (or other utensil) or don’t eat it, says your Corona dentist.

Floss Gently

Your gums are soft and delicate! Don’t harm them. Clean them gently by flossing with a delicate approach, so they stay safe.

Squeeze That Toothpaste Tube Gently

Your Corona dentist reminds you: You only need a pea-size blob of toothpaste for a brushing session, so keep this in mind. Ease up when you squeeze the tube, so you’re only using as much as is actually necessary.

Learn More About Practicing Gentle Care From Us

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