If you are talking with your orthodontist about braces for you or your child, it’s a given that straighter teeth are a concern. There are several types of braces that can move teeth gently, safely and successfully into more functional and attractive positions. There are secondary benefits from having teeth straightened and situated properly in your mouth. These hidden benefits are easy to overlook. Did you realize that braces can help prevent cavities, make life more enjoyable and head off issues caused by untreated malocclusion?

Braces Make Better Oral Care Possible

When teeth are crooked, crowded or hard to reach, daily brushing and flossing become burdensome. Younger patients may skip the awkwardness altogether, leading to increased rates of dental decay. Even dedicated patients with the maturity to know the importance of home care may decide on some nights that it’s just too much trouble. Braces can space teeth properly, to allow for good dental hygiene and better oral health.

Braces Build Responsibility

No one gets braces to learn to be responsible, but braces do encourage this form of maturity. Metal braces will require some attention to diet (no blunders like super-sticky foods, for example). Clear aligner systems (good for older teens and adults) mean paying attention to a wearing schedule, and taking care not to misplace or damage the aligner trays.

Braces Keep Small Issues from Getting Bigger

Crooked teeth may seem like solely a cosmetic issue. In fact, misaligned teeth (malocclusion) can put stresses on the jaw that can result in headaches, neckaches, facial pain and issues with the temporomandibular joint (TMJ.) Poorly alighned teeth can be more prone to fractures and breakage, from the stresses placed on poorly matched chewing surfaces.

Consider How Braces Improve More Than Just Your Smile

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