One of the most annoying things about dealing with a toothache is that you simply want it to go away. What’s worse? That you can try and try as you might but you will generally find that your efforts in your own home will either provide you with only a temporary respite from your frustration (or you will end up making matters worse). So, what are you missing at the moment? We’ll clue you in!

#1: You Can’t Fix It At Home

The first thing to keep in mind about your toothache is that if something is wrong and it is causing you pain, you cannot fix it at home. You might be able to make the discomfort and other symptoms disappear for a little bit if you take medication or use home remedies. However, to actually solve and repair the damage associated with it, you will need professional care.

#2: You Can Definitely Aggravate It

You can most certainly make matters worse for yourself if you aren’t careful! We understand that as a person, you naturally want to fix the toothache and figure out why it’s happening. As a result, you may try to investigate the issue. You may even try to treat it. We don’t suggest either of these actions. Unfortunately, even a little extra attention and contact with the tooth can make it feel worse.

#3: Waiting A While Is Not The Best Policy

We do not advise you to wait if you have a toothache. Instead, we advise you to call us. What if your pain goes away between the time you call us and your visit? This is actually fairly common and does not mean that there is not a problem. It’s better to let us examine the tooth and then go from there.

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