Guess what? You might think that two of your teeth hurt but it turns out the only one affected is the one. You may feel like just one tooth hurts but you actually have an issue with a couple of them. Why is this the case, what’s it mean, and how should you go about figuring out what’s wrong if a toothache happens (or if multiple teeth hurt)? These questions are, fortunately, extremely easy to answer!

About Your Toothache

If just one tooth hurts and it’s quite severe, chances are good that it’s a cavity, infection, or some other issue that’s easily attributed to a single tooth. Or, perhaps you damaged the tooth and you’re aware of what you did (maybe you hit it against something accidentally).

About Your “Teeth”ache

So you’re not experiencing the usual toothache but instead feel like you’re dealing with widespread discomfort? When it’s several teeth in a row or even most of your teeth, remember that this might have something to do with a daily habit. For instance, bruxism (during which you grind your teeth or you clench them) can make teeth sore. When you do this daily or nightly, and keep in mind you may not know you’re doing it, it can lead to discomfort.

Why It’s Hard To Tell

You most certainly have nerves in your smile, as you have noticed. However, they’re not so advanced that you can pinpoint the precise spot of your discomfort or its cause. Not to worry! If you see us for pain and if you keep up with checkups, we can identify problems and treat them for you without delay.

Come On In

As for answering the “what to do” regarding toothaches and the like, simply call us. We will schedule a time to see you as soon as possible.

Call Us For Toothache Help

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