What you definitely know is that water is safe, always beneficial, and non-staining for your smile. However, when you rely on logic regarding other beverages and your oral health, you may find that what seems to be a good idea is not always very wise. How to sort out the good from the bad when your common sense isn’t necessarily going to help? Your Temecula dentist is glad to offer tips about what you should and should not sip. Remember, when in doubt, reach for H2O and ask us for advice!

Sparkling Water

Yes, it seems like it must the same as as soft drink but alas, it is not identical to soda. It doesn’t have a pH of 7 (neutral). However, it just barely falls on the acidic side of the pH scale, which means it’s not going to guide your oral health toward problems. Your Temecula dentist says, you may drink it!

Diet Soda

This is a big no-no. Your Temecula dentist understands that the absence of sugar might make it seem as though diet soda is safe but it happens to be extremely acidic with or without sugar. So, skip this one when you can to protect your smile.

White Wine

Yes, this seems like quite an obviously “good” selection for your smile. It shouldn’t stain and probably won’t cause damage, right? Not exactly. Your Temecula dentist reminds you that it can contribute to acid erosion because it’s so acidic! In addition to potentially harming your enamel, it may lead to discoloration down the road (softened enamel is more susceptible).

Fruit Juice

Fruit is healthy! Fruit juice … is highly acidic. Drink this carefully or not at all if you want to offer your smile exceptional protection.

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