Have you been noticing friends drinking infused water? Are you seeing fruit infusers when you’re out and about and the idea of drinking water and receiving nutrients from fruit at the same time seems like a really smart plan? However, you aren’t certain whether this type of drink is actually good for your oral health? Let your Riverside dentist answer your questions.

Questions and Answers

Question: Is it safe for my smile if I make fruit-infused water my main drink instead of pure water?

Answer: In most cases, the answer will be “no.” Your Riverside dentist explains that this is because most fruit is acidic. Pure water is neutral. If you are interested in protecting your smile, then you will want to do your best to avoid acidic drinks that can damage your teeth by softening their outer layer called enamel.

Question: Isn’t infused water better than drinking tons of soda, coffee, or fruit juice?

Answer: Since infused water is primarily composed of water, when compared with other beverages, it may be more beneficial for you due to its hydrating properties and the nutritional benefits of the natural fruit. However, remember that it is still a beverage that may damage enamel, which promotes decay and other problems.

Question: Does it make a difference which types of fruits I use?

Answer: It does! If you choose the least acidic fruits, you will not be putting your oral health at such risk, explains your Riverside dentist. For example, watermelon and cantaloupe are much less acidic than strawberries, lemons, or pineapple. Choose wisely if you are too big a fan of infused water to pass it up!

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