When you’re a kid, you can start crying and yell out, “I don’t want to brush my teeth!” You might not get a wonderful response from anyone but nobody will be shocked at your emotional outburst. When you’re a grownup, however, this isn’t the type of thing that will be looked on kindly. As a result, though you may be screaming out on the inside, “I don’t want to practice my dental hygiene!” on the outside, you’re secretly avoiding this essential part of your life! Since you may not be talking about it, you may be in desperate need of advice and guidance. Not to worry! You’re not the first person who has felt this way, so your Riverside dentist can help.

You Loathe The Sensation

You might secretly try to avoid brushing because you don’t like the way it feels. There are actually some solutions that you may be overlooking. Your Riverside dentist encourages you to ask yourself what you dislike. In most cases, patients are using bristles that are far too firm (the only type you should use are soft bristles), which yields pain and other forms of discomfort. You may also be using a brush that’s too big for you, which makes it uncomfortable as you move from one location in your mouth to the next. Another helpful hint? If you don’t like bristles touching your tongue, you can switch to a very comfortable, smooth “tongue scraper” for this part of your session.

It Hurts Your Gums, Teeth, Hands

If your brushing hurts, then this is not good. It’s also understandable that you’d have an aversion to dental hygiene. Your Riverside dentist reminds you of the following if pain is a factor:

  • If brushing hurts your teeth or gums, try brushing much softer
  • When pain accompanies care, it’s essential that you see us for a checkup
  • If brushing hurts your hands or arms, switching to an electric toothbrush can make the work much easier, thereby eliminating your discomfort

Your Riverside Dentist Offers Helpful Hygiene Tips

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