Your Temecula dentist wants to talk with you about bruxism disorder. What you may realize is that this is a functional problem that can affect just about anyone, that’s treatable, and that does not have to cause you serious damage. However, if you don’t talk with us about your smile, you skip visits, and bruxism goes untreated, it can actually cause some ugly consequences! By learning more about them, you just might see the light and take the time to set up an appointment with our friendly team!

Erosion Happens Anywhere Teeth Touch

Wherever your teeth touch, they’re being dragged against one another or pressed together very tightly. All of this contact that’s not supposed to be occurring to such an extent can actually cause erosion, or the wearing down of your tooth’s layer (the outer one, which is called enamel). Treating bruxism disorder will immediately stop this from progressing, explains your Temecula dentist.

Sensitivity May Follow

If you know anything about enamel, you know that it protects the nerves and the deeper layers of tissue in your teeth. Unfortunately, once erosion occurs and deeper layers are exposed, what can follow may include serious sensitivity. Your Temecula dentist suggests treating bruxism disorder to avoid this!

The Pressure Can Cause Teeth To Break

Maybe you primarily clench your teeth. Think about how strong your jaws are and what this can mean for your teeth as a result if you suffer from bruxism disorder: Cracked, broken teeth!

Headaches, Jaw Pain, And TMJ Disorder Are Likely

All of that contact, erosion, friction, pressure, and consistent motion can leave you dealing with discomfort that radiates beyond your teeth. Without treatment for your bruxism, you may develop TMJ disorder, headaches, jaw pain, and more.

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