You may wonder why you’re having problems that we suggest are the result of too much acidity in your mouth, particularly if you’re under the impression that you’re doing a good job avoiding acidic foods and drinks. While the stuff that you consume is a large part of what causes the pH of your oral environment to shift, it’s not the only piece of the puzzle. Let your Moreno Valley dentist offer some additional insight into the world of keeping your smile neutral and safe.

Sugar Leads To Acidity

Okay, here’s the deal when it comes to sugar, explains your Moreno Valley dentist: Sugar is going to end up causing your mouth to become acidic. This makes sense once you understand why sugar is so problematic: Plaque contains bacteria. The bacteria need to eat to survive. They love sugar and carbs. They eat them and through their digestive process, they release them into your mouth in the form of acids. Therefore, as you eat sugar, acidity goes up!

A Lack Of Saliva Is Problematic

You need saliva in your mouth and you need enough of it if you want to avoid problems with acidity, explains your Moreno Valley dentist. Here’s why:

  • All of that bacteria in your mouth is going to have a heyday if saliva cannot flush it from your smile as usual (so dry mouth needs to be addressed)
  • Saliva works to neutralize acids

GERD Sends Acid Into Your Mouth

If you suffer from GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease), then you may have acid splashing into your mouth that comes up from your stomach, explains your Moreno Valley dentist. Treat this with your general practitioner to protect your teeth and more!

Take Tips To Heart To Protect Your Smile

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