As you know, when your Moreno Valley dentist suggests wisdom teeth removal, it’s often because of a serious issue like impacted teeth. Or, your teeth are growing in such a way that they will likely press against your other teeth, which can result in some pretty gnarly results (like teeth that move out of place). Removing the teeth in these instances is the best way to protect your oral health. So, why might someone choose to remove these teeth when there’s no threat of impaction of crooked development? Find out more.

They’re Too Difficult To Reach

Your wisdom teeth can be, to put it plainly, too difficult to reach. Yes, you can sort of get your toothbrush back there. No, you can’t really get your floss back there to clean between teeth and behind your third molars. The result? Trying to protect them from cavities and more seems nearly impossible. Your Moreno Valley dentist explains: Electing to remove them is usually easiest in order to prevent problems.

Hygiene-Related Problems Have Already Begun

Maybe you already have problems with your teeth. You’ve been trying to clean them but to no avail. We can fill the cavity. We can address the problem. Or, we can simply remove all of your wisdom teeth. Speak with your Moreno Valley dentist about your options!

Earlier Is Easier

Another frequent reason for removal even if teeth aren’t necessarily a problem yet? Chances are good that they will become one. The sooner you remove them, the easier they are to remove. Remember, your jawbone hardens as you age and your roots grow, making extractions more complicated.

See Your Moreno Valley Dentist About Wisdom Teeth

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