One of the best parts about enjoying summer? Invitations to barbecues, picnics, parties, and more! The spread always includes mouth-watering delights that you don’t always get to enjoy as the weather is a bit cooler. So, what’s there to worry about, you wonder, as you’re having a footloose and fancy free time at one of your summer soirees? Well, as far as your Riverside dentist is concerned, not much (but just enough to warrant some tips to ensure you’re keeping your smile comfortable and safe!).

Tip: Have Braces? Cut Your Food First.

Do you have braces? If you do, then if you haven’t learned just yet, biting directly into foods is not always the best approach. One attempt with some corn on the cob will leave you without any doubt (cleaning between your brackets, should they survive the experience, may be a bit time consuming!). Instead of putting yourself in this position, your Riverside dentist reminds you that it’s best to cut up your food into smaller bites, whether it means cutting the corn off of the cob or cutting up a piece of barbecued chicken!

Tip: Hungry? Eat Small Bites!

About those smaller bites: They’re not just for braces wearers! When you’re at a summer event, remember that eating huge bites is bad news for many reasons. First, your Riverside dentist reminds you that you may make yourself a bit sick, so go slow, drink plenty of water, and enjoy. Of course, those big bites also promote TMJ problems, so give your jaws a break.

Tip: Beware The Many Acidic Beverages!

Whether it’s soda, a fruit juice, or anything that isn’t milk or pure water, you’re probably ingesting something that’s highly acidic! This is true for alcoholic beverages, as well. The more you drink them (and the longer they rest on your smile), the greater the chance that you’re encouraging enamel softening and eventually erosion. The easy solution if you just can’t help but indulge? Your Riverside dentist says: Drink it in one sitting and follow it with water.

Make Summer Safe With Our Helpful Tips

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