You may wake up in the morning and realize, “Wow, I must have really chewed my cheek while I slept.” You may also notice at some point that it seems like you bit the sides of your tongue, too. Over time, unless it’s a one-time occurrence, this type of damage and discomfort can become frustrating and can get in the way of your day-to-day life. You may end up feeling extremely uncomfortable. The inflamed tissue may be difficult to avoid, causing you to bite it again as you chew or speak. What gives, you wonder? Well, your Corona dentist thinks it might be time for you to learn about bruxism disorder. Think this applies to you? Schedule a visit with our Corona, CA practice soon!

What’s With The Chewing?

If you suffer from bruxism, notes your Corona dentist, then you are chewing more than you realize. You see, your muscles contract and you either bite down (we call this clenching) or you move your teeth back-and-forth and back-and-forth (we call this grinding). The reason you might feel shocked that we think you may have bruxism disorder? You don’t know that you’re doing these things. However, if you begin to connect the dots, you might recognize this could explain a thing or two.

When You’re Sleeping

Your Corona dentist explains that many people suffer from bruxism disorder that occurs as they’re sleeping. So, in addition to the fact that you probably won’t notice this issue anyway, when you’re unconscious you will certainly have no recollection. You may, however, wake up with what feels like chewed cheek tissue or a chewed tongue because these tissues often get in the way, between your teeth, as you grind or clench. The result is the damage, inflammation, and more that we talked about.

Great News

Of course, there’s simple treatment for bruxism disorder that your Corona dentist can offer. We say “simple” because it’s easy and doesn’t require you to take pills. It’s a mouthguard that you’ll keep in place during sleep. The best part? It works quite well, so you can say goodbye to those challenging symptoms.

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