You may love the idea of using a modern, streamlined, beautiful electric toothbrush as you get your smile clean and sparkling. However, you may also not be doing so just yet because you have questions and uncertainty about who is supposed to be using this seemingly magical dental hygiene product. Is it for everyone, you wonder? Our Riverside, CA team knows you might even check them out online or at the store but you hesitate to actually purchase one. No problem. Your Riverside dentist is happy to help you figure out whether this is a good option for you or not (Psst: It is!).

Questions and Answers

Question: What if I have braces? Is it okay to use an electric toothbrush?

Answer: Of course. Your Riverside dentist reminds you that just like with a manual toothbrush, you’ll want to navigate carefully throughout your mouth. Beyond that detail, however, this type of brush can actually be quite beneficial because it will help you remove plaque and food particles that easily become trapped around brackets. Need assistance? Just ask!

Question: What if I want my child to try an electric toothbrush? Is this okay or is this something that should be reserved for just adults to use?

Answer: This is perfectly fine. Your Riverside dentist simply reminds you that for younger children, you’ll want to purchase a child’s brush. Check the packaging as you seek out a brush that is designated for your child’s specific age group, so you know your little one is using dental hygiene products that will prove safe and effective.

Question: What if I’m someone struggling with receding gums? Is an electric toothbrush a bad idea for me? I keep thinking it’s probably better to stick with a manual brush but I’m just not sure what to do.

Answer: When you come in for a checkup with your Riverside dentist, we may actually suggest you switch from manual to electric if recession is your problem. Generally speaking, gum recession without gum disease means you’re being too aggressive with care. The electric brush makes it very simple to back off and provide gentler hygiene.

Treat Your Smile Well With Our Electric Toothbrush Suggestions!

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