There are some nibbling habits that you may find yourself partaking in. Then again, you may do this without even realizing it’s happening. That is, until you end up in our dental chair, speaking with your Riverside dentist, as you learn that you’re experiencing some oral health issues because you tend to chew on things! Yep. Our Riverside, CA practice has seen this before and we would really like to help you avoid very easy-to-prevent damage. So, if you think you might be someone who tends to mindlessly chew throughout the day, you may want to consider what causes the consequences to become twofold!

When You’re Biting Your Nails

When you’re biting your nails, you know that one of the consequences is that you might end up with fingernails that don’t look so lovely if you go overboard. What you might overlook that your Riverside dentist would like you to remember: You might hurt your oral health, too. If you nibble the occasional hangnail, no biggie. However, if this is an almost daily habit, you’re stressing out your jaw joints, you might be damaging your teeth, and this does not fare well for your smile as a whole.

When You’re Chewing On Objects

What do you pick up and chew on when you’re not paying attention? Is it the pen from your desk? Is it a paperclip? Perhaps you mindlessly fold up paper or receipts and end up nibbling on the corner. Your Riverside dentist reminds you that this habit is not good for you. In addition to being covered in germs (just take a moment to realize your desk is covered in them!), any object you’re placing near your teeth or soft tissues might cause abrasions, could cause you to crack a tooth, might chip a tooth, can contribute to an already existing issue with bruxism, and can even tire out your poor TMJs, leading to further functional concerns. End the nibbling and definitely stay away from random, potentially unclean objects!

Your Kids Might See

What you don’t even realize you’re doing, your child may pick up on. Your child also likes to emulate you. So, remember that if you tend to nibble on the arm of your sunglasses, etc., your child may begin doing the same thing. Try to avoid this type of habit, so you can steer clear of influencing your little one down a path toward this action that can be dangerous for oral health!

See Us For Help Protecting Your Teeth

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