When your child does something wonderful, your reaction is usually to say, “Good job!” When it comes to dental care, our Riverside, CA team likes to remind you that even if dental hygiene sessions are frustrating at times, it’s very important to remember to offer praise during the good moments, too! This is a tricky area with kids because they don’t often want to brush or floss (and they don’t always do a fantastic job as they are learning because they’re novices!). Remember, though, that the goal is for them to feel confident about oral health care and to learn to do it well. So, your Riverside children’s dentist suggests offering praise when praise is due to boost morale!

High Five Kids For Completing Dental Hygiene

Whether you offer a “nice job!” or a high five or a sticker or anything else that shows you’re proud, remember to praise your kiddos for completing their dental hygiene. Do you have to do it every time? Nope. Should you do this occasionally? Yep! Your Riverside children’s dentist reminds you that it will help kids feel pride associated with brushing and flossing.

Applaud For A Dental Visit

Coming into the dental practice environment for a checkup with your Riverside children’s dentist might be something your kids love. Or, they may feel a little uneasy, just like adults often do. When you bring your child in, you make it through a relaxing visit, and then you’re headed home, remember to mention to your child or children that they did such a great job with coming in for dental care! They’ll quickly realize that dental visits are something to feel proud of.

Point Out The Good Things When They Happen

Perhaps your child decides to take himself into the bathroom one evening to brush without being told. Maybe your little one is very thorough about her flossing one morning. Whatever the case, when you notice your child is putting effort into smile care, your Riverside children’s dentist suggests you take a moment to tell your child that he or she is doing such a wonderful job. Positive reinforcement goes a long way in the dental world for both children and adults (tell yourself you’re doing a great job sometime and notice how good you feel!).

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