You may think that once you notice a problem with your oral health, you’re already too late. You assume you’re going to need something like restorative treatment, you’re probably already dealing with significant damage that you just cannot detect on your own, and similarly negative thoughts keep pouring in. The truth is, you can often stop a problem in its tracks when you recognize it early on and you see your Corona dentist ASAP! Our Corona, CA team wants you to consider problems like this (and their solutions), so you recognize just how important it is to keep up with routine checkups (and to schedule additional ones when you think you may require them).

#1: When TMJ Disorder Begins To Develop

Your Corona dentist wants you to remember that as TMJ disorder begins to develop, this isn’t a moment in which it’s too late to do anything about it. This is the perfect time to come in to talk with us about your symptoms and to begin treatment. When you detect it nice and early and you agree to the simple yet impressive oral appliance therapy we offer, you can stop the problem in its tracks! Don’t worry about damage and uncomfortable symptoms. Your treatment will prevent them.

#2: When Gum Disease Gets Going

Gum disease begins as a problem we call gingivitis, which means that your gingival tissue (or gum tissue) becomes inflamed. At this point, we can step in with periodontal care in a basic form like a deep cleaning. We can guide you regarding better home care. Then, we can get the gingivitis to go away! Unfortunately, if you don’t do this, your Corona dentist reminds you that the issue will worsen, will become true periodontal disease, and you won’t be able to cure it (just treat it).

#3: When We Notice A Softening Spot In Your Enamel

When you come in for a dental checkup and your Corona dentist notices an area of your enamel that is beginning to soften and break down, this means you are on the road toward developing a cavity. If you agree to follow our suggestions to treat it and attempt to re-mineralize the area right away, you can often stop decay in its tracks before it starts.

Treat Problems ASAP To Fix Your Oral Health

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