You might think a lot about cavities, the color of your smile, and more. What you may not really think that much about, however, is the structure of your smile or your individual teeth. When we discuss structure, we mean the way your tooth is constructed and composed, whether it’s whole or damaged, etc. (and we may also discuss this is relation to your entire smile, potentially as it applies to your whole grin’s organization and balance). In reflection of these details, your Temecula dentist and our Temecula, CA team would like to help you better understand this framework, its significance, and what to do when things aren’t exactly in tip top shape!

Why Individual Tooth Structure Is Important

Let’s discuss individual teeth for a moment. Your Temecula dentist wants you to remember that though you may assume just one damaged or missing tooth is no big deal, it actually is! You need every single tooth in your smile to be complete and healthy (and structurally sound) in order to have a full and balanced smile. Each tooth also needs to have its full structure for the following reasons:

  • A damaged tooth damages the continuity of your smile’s appearance
  • Damage makes your tooth vulnerable to additional damage and infection
  • Damage means your tooth is not as functional as it should be for speaking and eating

Why Overall Smile Structure Is Important

As mentioned, you need a full smile, complete with all of its teeth, for a smile that’s healthy and fully functional. Why is that, you ask? Well, the goal is for you to have a complete grin with top and bottom teeth that fit together correctly. This means your smile is well-balanced, that you can chew with ease, that this allows your jaw joints to function smoothly, and that you can speak without any problems, as well. When the structure of your smile and its framework are in good shape, teeth make contact correctly, you don’t end up with straining or injuries, and all is well, explains your Temecula dentist.

What To Do About Structural Issues

Remember, if you’re having any type of structural issues, questions, or concerns, call our team! We offer comprehensive care to help you.

See Your Temecula Dentist For Smile Concerns

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