There are some holiday surprises you just cannot wait for! With childlike enthusiasm, you feel like you’re on pins and needles just waiting for your opportunity to open gifts and more! While this is a wonderful, nostalgic experience, our Moreno Valley dentist reminds you that not all holiday surprises are what you’re hoping for if you’re not mindful of your oral health. Never really stopped to consider this in your extreme rush for celebrations, gifts, parties, and more to show up? Take just a moment as our Moreno Valley, CA team explains. You’ll be so happy to have the chance to keep these surprises from happening!

#1: Totally Preventable Tooth Discomfort

Think about opening that gift you’ve been imagining or sitting down to a fun holiday dinner with your loved ones. Now, imagine the same scenarios only this time, you have some serious tooth pain. Not quite the same, is it? Your Moreno Valley dentist offers you a very encouraging reminder at the moment to call us today, schedule any type of dental care you may require (oh, such as a dental filling) and your smile will be in the clear come holiday time.

#2: Difficulty Eating Your Food

Maybe it’s a cavity, as we just mentioned, that’s been affecting your smile. However, what if it’s a damaged prosthetic, a missing tooth, or something else that is going to make it very difficult for you to get through a holiday meal? While you may be convincing yourself with logic and rationalizations that you’ll “be fine,” your Moreno Valley dentist thinks otherwise. There’s plenty of time for you to come in to see our team and to receive any restorative care you may need for a pleasant winter.

#3: Bad Breath…That’s Still Bad!

Surprise! If you’re waiting for a holiday miracle to cure your bad breath, your Moreno Valley dentist reminds you that any improvement for halitosis is likely going to occur only if you come in for a dental checkup and receive the treatment you need. So, don’t wait until you’re face-to-face with loved ones! Skip this yucky surprise and instead, show up to parties with fresh-as-a-daisy breath.

Prep For Easy Holiday Time With Dental Care

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