Yes, it’s autumn. Yes, winter is coming. However, our Corona, CA community is not seeing snow anytime soon, so you may be asking yourself: What’s with the dry skin? Why do I have chapped lips? We know that this can be frustrating and would like to remind you that your Corona dentist is here to help you with every aspect of your oral health, from chapped lips to dry mouth! Some very quick and beneficial questions and answers will likely clear your uncertainty (and dry skin) right up!

Questions and Answers

Question: I usually wash my hands before I eat and before dental hygiene but my skin is becoming so dry. Why is this happening now and what can I do?

Answer: This is frequently an issue that pops up when cold and flu season hit the scene. Ask yourself if you’ve been extra diligent about washing your hands, applying hand sanitizer, etc. This is often the culprit! Simply remember to apply a moisturizing balm or lotion throughout the day and before bed to balance out moisture levels (and try switching to moisturizing cleansing products).

Question: My lips are becoming so dry! It’s not even winter yet but I have chapped lips anyway. What’s going on and what can I do?

Answer: Your Corona dentist knows you may find sudden chapped lips in autumn to be very confusing but there are easy answers here. First, have you run your heat at all? It is getting chillier at night! If so, this is frequently drying. Have you been spending time in the sun without worry because it’s cooler out? Dealing any any new congestion? These factors can all contribute to drying and flaking. Get serious about daily lip balm and lip repair application to reverse the issue.

Question: My entire mouth feels really dry and my breath isn’t doing so well. Does this have anything to do with “dryness” or is this something else entirely?

Answer: Your Corona dentist reminds you that dry tissues are dry tissues, even in your mouth. The aforementioned heating and congestion may play a role. It’s also possible that you’ve cut back on the amount of water you drink because temps have dipped. Get back to that incredible hydration and things will likely improve (and you will decrease your likelihood of experiencing dry-mouth-related issues like cavities). If not, give us a call!

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