Here comes Thanksgiving and all of the food, treats, eating, and chewing that comes with it! While you may be more focused at the moment on enjoying the flavors of the foods you’re about to consume, you may notice throughout your meal that a red flag pops up in regard to your oral health. If all goes well, then of course, continue on and be happy with the current state of your smile (and we will see you soon for your next checkup and cleaning). However, if things don’t go exactly as planned and you realize you may need the help of our Temecula, CA team, we have some very simple advice: Contact your Temecula dentist soon. Curious about what types of concerns you might want to watch out for? We’ve got them!

If Something Hurts

As you’re eating your Thanksgiving meal, if you notice at any point that something doesn’t feel good, make a quick mental note. You don’t have to stop enjoying your experience, of course! However, you should absolutely remember to set up a visit with your Temecula dentist after the holiday is through. Why? Well, because discomfort can point to so many potential problems with your oral health that will only worsen over time. Why not fix bruxism, TMJ disorder, sensitivity, decay, or anything else right now? We offer the care to do so with ease!

If Something Feels Challenging

What should you do if you feel like you’re putting forth a lot of energy when you’re trying to enjoy your Thanksgiving meal? What about if you feel like teeth are tapping against one another that don’t usually touch? For many patients, issues like poor smile balance can make chewing take much longer. Damaged dental work, from crowns to bridges, can also slow things down. We suggest you set up time to meet with your Temecula dentist soon, so you can determine the cause of your difficulty and so we can fix it! That way, your future holiday meals will be smooth and enjoyable instead.

If You’re Embarrassed

If you notice that you really want to hide your smile during your Thanksgiving meal, whether due to yellowing, missing teeth, damage, or anything else, there’s no need! Schedule cosmetic care, restorative care, or anything you need with us soon and you can feel good about your smile again.

Call Us If You Notice Oral Health Red Flags

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