You may sometimes secretly wonder why you even have to brush your teeth. Sometimes, you even play with the idea of just stopping to see if there really are going to be any major consequences. While we know that it would be lovely to save yourself the four daily minutes that you spend on dental hygiene, our Corona, CA reminds you that this wee bit of time you spend brushing offers enormous benefits. Not sure you’re connecting the dots? Your Corona dentist will help you!

So Your Breath Doesn’t Smell

You need to practice preventive care in order to keep your smile clean. Like most things in your life, when your mouth becomes dirty, unclean, and develops buildup, it’s going to smell bad. We refer to this problem as “bad breath.” Now, remember that chronic bad breath, or halitosis, is different from the occasional foul breath that happens when you’ve eaten a nice big bowl full of onions and garlic. When you brush, you remove smelly bacteria and food that will break down. This is one of the reasons you simply must brush, explains your Corona dentist!

So Your Teeth Don’t Decay And Break

What you may not realize about brushing is that you’re removing the bacteria responsible for tooth decay (and, you’re removing their food source, which is composed primarily of sugars and carbohydrates). When you don’t brush, you don’t remove them. The result? You develop cavities. You may develop infections. Your decayed teeth will eventually break. You may end up with periodontal disease, too. All of this because you aren’t performing preventive care!

So You Keep Your Smile!

If you don’t want to end up dealing with tooth loss down the line, then believe it or not, the number one thing you can do is brush, explains your Corona dentist. Of course, you need to floss, too, and come in to see our team for checkups and cleanings! While you may assume aging is what causes the loss of teeth, it isn’t. It’s usually oral disease that’s easy to avoid with the aforementioned prevention!

Gain Dental Care Reassurance From Your Corona Dentist!

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