When you are forgetful as the day is long but you mean well when it comes to your smile, you can find that you feel upset quite a lot of the time in regard to your oral health. You want to brush and floss your teeth. You want to avoid cavities. You even really do want to come in to see our Temecula, CA team! However, you just don’t remember. What you need … is reminders. However, what type, you wonder? How to discover something that will really work for you? Well, your lucky day is here! Your Temecula dentist is ready with ideas!

Use A Sticky Note!

Depending on your routine, you may be the type of person who should really consider sticky notes. Your Temecula dentist reminds you that you can essentially adhere these to just about any surface that will work for you. Maybe you do best with reminders on your mirror, so you will see them in the morning after you get out of bed. Perhaps you need one on your computer, so you sit down to work and remember it’s time to call us for a visit. It’s up to you!

Write It In Your Planner, Calendar, Etc.

Maybe you are so accustomed to being forgetful that you have decided to use something in one spot that you check daily. It could be a planner or a calendar, etc. When this is the case, your Temecula dentist reminds you to jot down whatever you need to remember for your oral health here. This is an easy way to track visits (and to remind yourself to schedule them).

Email Or Text Yourself!

Did you run out of toothpaste? You may want to email yourself or text yourself, so when you check your phone, you check your own message! That way, you’ll get a reminder during the day to head out for whatever it is you need.

Use Your Phone Reminder Or Alarm

Then again, your phone also has a place where you may set a timer, an alarm, reminders, and more. You should really get comfortable with using this if you need a reminder for just about anything! It could be any of the aforementioned details! You may even need a reminder to check your calendar. Whatever the case, your Temecula dentist promises this can work wonders for many!

Set Reminders To Schedule Dental Visits

If you have a hard time keeping up with your smile care, your Temecula dentist suggests setting reminders. Need additional advice? Just ask during your next visit. Give us a call in Temecula, CA to schedule a consultation with your dentist. We are proud to serve patients from Riverside, Temecula, Moreno Valley, Corona, and all surrounding California communities. To schedule an appointment, contact one of the following locations nearest to you:

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