We remind you that Christmas is supposed to be a time filled with smiles, laughter, merriment, and joy! It’s also completely acceptable if your holiday experience includes some foods and drinks you’ve been thinking about since last year! One thing that we absolutely suggest against, however, to ensure you have a nice time? We think you’d probably prefer avoiding a dental emergency. Does our team offer 24 hour emergency services? Why, yes, our Corona, CA practice does! However, we’d really, really like to help you skip needing it!

Do Not By Any Means Use Your Teeth Rather Than Scissors

Guess what? Scissors are available at just about every store you can imagine that sells anything even remotely close to office supplies. Do you know why? Well, because they’re needed quite frequently and because you and your body were not created to make sharp slices. Nope, that’s what tools are for. So, remember, when you’re wrapping gifts, unwrapping gifts, disassembling or assembling things, and more: Do not rely on your teeth. Otherwise, you may find yourself requiring our 24 hour emergency services by breaking your teeth, cutting your tissue, etc.

Do Not Choose This Time To Push Your Smile To Its Limit

Did a relative mention she left some bags in the car and you tried to be hospitable, carrying most of them with your hands and then one bag with your teeth? You might want to press pause and start this one over: You may think that your smile is quite resilient and can handle nearly anything but it cannot. Don’t use it as an extra carrying tool. Don’t use it to break apart foods that are super hard (like nuts…that’s what a nut-cracking tool is for). Instead, just use it to chew the not-too-hard foods you enjoy eating, to sing Christmas carols, to say “thank you” for gifts you receive, etc. We remind you that this way, you steer clear of the need for our 24 hour emergency services and can instead just have a nice time!

Do Not Wait It Out

Need something? As in, does your smile need something right now? Call us the second you read these words! If you wait to take care of a dental problem, we remind you that there’s just something about trying to plan for smile care after some seriously fantastic plans you have for yourself that doesn’t seem to go well. Don’t discover yourself in need of emergency smile care on Christmas. Take care of that concern right now!

Prevent Smile Emergencies This Christmastime

Do your best to stay home and enjoy yourself this holiday, so you don’t end up requiring our 24 hour emergency services! Give us a call in Corona, CA to schedule a consultation with your dentist. We are proud to serve patients from Riverside, Temecula, Moreno Valley, Corona, and all surrounding California communities. To schedule an appointment, contact one of the following locations nearest to you:

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