We know that when you realize you’re not doing the absolute best job with your smile or something goes wrong, it can make you feel bad. You immediately blame yourself, which can add insult to injury! However, our Temecula, CA team wishes you would not take it so hard if you notice there are things with your oral health that require tweaking. You may even think you’re to blame for an issue that’s really nobody’s fault! Learn more, so you can instead focus on feeling proud of the things you’re doing well, when you check in with your Temecula dentist who has some important details to share.

Those Mild Stains

We want you to take a moment to remember that you are absolutely not going to maintain a bright white smile from childhood all the way up through adulthood unless you get very lucky! In most cases, your enamel will become at least slightly discolored over time. Even if you brush and floss, you ask? Yes, even then. Why? Well, because your enamel is porous. It is prone to stains. Unless you eat nothing staining and you’re over-the-top careful with dental hygiene throughout the day, natural “wear and tear” is to be expected. Give yourself a break! If you’re unhappy with your smile’s shade, come in to meet with your Temecula dentist to discuss teeth whitening. Easy!

Not Realizing You Were Doing Something Wrong

Let’s say you’ve been brushing and flossing like you thought you were supposed to. You brush two times as we encourage you to do, once in the morning and then at night. You floss, too! However, may you’ve not been brushing quite correctly or for long enough. Maybe your technique with flossing isn’t really spot-on. Don’t beat yourself up about it! Your Temecula dentist reminds you that learning to become a master of dental hygiene takes time and you can even forget a thing or two along the way. That’s why you come in to see us for dental checkups! We help you get back onto the correct path when you’re falling off even the slightest bit.

Improve Your Smile Health With A Visit

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