Have you been in recently to see our Riverside, CA team about dental implants? If not, your Riverside dentist suggests you make time for this if you are investigating different avenues you may select for replacing the teeth you have lost. Why implants, you might ask? What makes them different from other solutions that seem like equally acceptable solutions for your current smile conundrum? We can answer this simply by talking more about the types of things implants can do for you that other treatments cannot. As a result, you can get down to the final result, which is: You gather up information, you decide which treatment works best for you, and you choose it!

Implants Are Often A Forever Solution

One of the reasons you will hear from friends, your family members, from things you read online, and even from your Riverside dentist that it may be worth considering dental implants? Well, they’re typically not something you’re going to need to replace. Just like when your teeth are in place and they’re healthy, you know that as long as you protect them, they’re probably going to be there forever, the same is true of implants. They fuse with the cells of your jawbone, so it is as though they are physically one with your jaw. They’re not going to shift or fall out. Simply keep up the care required for your smile.

You Are Helping To Keep Your Jaw Tissue Healthy

Now, about your jawbone: You might not recognize that it needs your teeth and their roots in order to stay healthy and even to exist in full. Without your roots placing pressure into jaw tissue each time you bite down, your body starts to think there are no teeth there to support. So, it essentially reabsorbs that tissue, rather than sending it nutrients to thrive. When you choose implants, explains your Riverside dentist, you allow that process of stimulation to keep going, so your jaw can stay strong.

Your Worries With Traditional Prosthetics Typically Disappear

With traditional prosthetics, you don’t have jawbone-connected anchoring going on. So, you expect some slippage, you expect things to eventually break or require replacement, etc. With implants and restorations, you’re looking at no more worries regarding your smile today or in the long run.

Seek Implant Information From Us

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