You may think that sleep apnea seems funny but that it’s actually no joke. If you’ve caught wind of something similar, then you are already a step ahead and recognize that this particular sleep disorder requires your serious attention if you think it is affecting you. Since this can be a bit confusing, our Riverside, CA team would love to help you better understand why something that seems laugh-worthy is actually something that requires sleep apnea treatment as soon as you can possibly begin!

The Funny

We know that from an outsider’s perspective (probably not including your spouse’s), sleep apnea can seem funny. You may be someone who makes very loud noises, for instance. You might snore very loudly or make very obvious choking noises. You might gasp for air. However, we warn you that though this can all seem quite comedic, it’s actually something to take seriously!

The Not So Funny

As we will explain to you during a dental checkup, the actual daily and long-term consequences associated with sleep apnea aren’t a laughing matter. Instead, they are going to take a serious toll on your health and even your life if you ignore them and allow your sleep disorder to persist. For instance, did you know that you’re depriving your brain of oxygen every night? Did you know that this can cause headaches? In addition, you can deal with daily sore throats, exhaustion, moodiness, and trouble getting through the day. In the long run, you can expect problems with your heart, liver function, blood pressure, and more. Sleep apnea treatment is so important!

The Shocking

Here, you think you’ve got it all figured out. You know that sleep apnea can certainly sound funny when you take it out of context. You also know that at the heart of the matter, even the loud snoring that can sound hilarious isn’t actually funny at all because it can lead to serious health problems for you. Now for the shocking part: It’s extremely easy to care for in most instances, when you receive sleep apnea treatment. Though you may expect us to tell you that you require some type of surgery or drugs, we’re actually going to simply suggest that you wear a mouthguard that’s meant for use during sleeping. The goal is for it to position your jaw in such a way that it helps keep the air passages in your throat open, so you breathe. Shocked? Excited? Call us when you can, so you may begin this essential treatment ASAP.

Come In As Soon As You Can For Sleep Apnea Treatment

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