Usually, your Corona dentist spends time telling you why you should brush your teeth and why you should do lots of other things to ensure your smile stays healthy. However, our Corona, CA team asks: What might happen if we were to ask you, why even bother brushing your teeth? What’s the big deal anyway? While you may not realize you know quite a lot about what it takes to keep your smile healthy (and why you need to do these things), you may find out you’re more knowledgeable on the topic than you thought if we turn the tables. Let’s have some fun!

Why Bother Brushing?

If your Corona dentist asked during a dental checkup something along the lines of, “Why bother brushing your teeth, anyway?” you might first think to yourself, wow, cool, maybe I don’t really have to brush after all! However, you would then find yourself met with a deluge of thoughts as evidence to why cleaning your smile is so extremely important. What types of things might you say in response? We are guessing those reactions might include:

  • So that you don’t end up with cavities!
  • To avoid bad breath, of course!
  • Because it helps you avoid gum disease!
  • Because nobody wants a yellow smile, so you have to brush!
  • To avoid diseased teeth and eventually, to avoid losing your teeth!

Who Cares About Cavities, Anyway?

Still, what if your Corona dentist were to press a bit further with some of the things you mentioned by asking you why cavities are such a big deal. Sure, it’s better to avoid tooth decay probably, but do you really need to brush and worry about it? If you know anything about cavities, then you would likely explain that if you don’t brush your teeth and you get cavities, your teeth will probably end up hurting. The cavities are going to get worse (bigger and deeper). Teeth could become infected and you could even end up losing them!

What’s The Likelihood Of Gingivitis, Really?

Good, now you’ve convinced your Corona dentist that it really is best to brush to avoid cavities. However, what about gum disease? Do lots of people really end up with gingivitis or is this just something you hear about? Those patients who know this already will explain that anyone can get it, if your gums remain in contact with plaque and tartar, then it is extremely likely, and if you never brush or resolve the issues, this too can lead to tooth loss. See? You know a lot more about prevention than you thought!

Get The Brushing Details You Need From Our Team

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