There’s a lot of confusion surrounding whether or not it’s okay to drink soda. Unfortunately, if you’re a soda drinker, you may find yourself feeling somewhat perplexed. You love this bubbly treat, so the last thing you want to do is seek out reasons you should avoid it at all costs. However, you love your smile too, so you wonder if you should delve a bit deeper into the facts. Here’s the bottom line, according to your Riverside dentist: Soda is dangerous for your smile, no matter what. So, soda drinkers … our Riverside, CA team invites you consider additional information, which can help you tighten up your approach to a healthy grin!

Don’t Believe The Diet Soda Myth!

You may hear that as long as you’re drinking diet soda, which is soda that relies on artificial sweetener rather than sugar, then you are sticking to our preventive care suggestions for your smile! However, this is a myth. You will still be putting your smile in harm’s way, even if there’s no sugar involved. How is this possible, you ask? Isn’t the reason to avoid this beverage the simple fact that it’s usually loaded with sugar? Nope. Actually, your Riverside dentist reminds you that it’s because diet (or not diet), it’s a very acidic drink. Translation: It’s going to cause acid erosion if you consume it frequently, which can erode your teeth and encourage decay.

Do Consider The Facts

Remember to consider the facts, suggests your Riverside dentist, when it comes to soda. Now that you know it’s acidic and can cause problems no matter what, you should spend some time figuring out how to manage your love of this beverage. Do you want to cut it out altogether? Would you prefer to simply enjoy it in moderation? Just remember that it will make you more likely to experience problems like cavities and go from there.

Always Protect Your Smile

Good news: You can protect your smile, even if you drink soda. It’s not perfect protection but it will help. If you drink soda, try to drink it all in one sitting (rather than nursing it). That way, teeth are exposed for fewer minutes to the acidity. When you’re through, follow it with water to rinse teeth clean. It’s very helpful! Oh, and remember to see us for visits for long-term oral health protection!

Protect Your Oral Health With Simple Suggestions

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