Your Riverside dentist knows that when you think about your oral health, you think about avoiding sugar, brushing, flossing, coming in for preventive visits, and more. However, one of those big factors that may not even cross your mind (but that impacts your smile every day) is the fact that you salivate! Did you know that salivating is a big deal and that, when you know more about it, the details can actually help you protect your teeth and gums? Think about some details to remember as offered by our Riverside, CA practice and you may see a turn for the better in your dental care.

It Cleanses Your Mouth!

First, let’s cover the fact that when you salivate, it’s like an automatic flush for your mouth. Your body produces this fluid, it enters your mouth, it rinses your oral tissues from your teeth to your gums, soft tissues, tongue, and more. Its presence also helps neutralize the territory in your oral environment, so whether you’ve eaten sugar, your mouth is a bit dry, you drank something acidic, etc., the presence of saliva essentially helps to bring that pH back up to a place that’s safer. The result? You have natural protection against issues caused by acid, such as cavity formation! Of course, saliva also helps you do lots of other things, such as taste food, break down food, speak comfortably, and more!

You Can Make It Happen Safely

When you’re out and about for the day (and maybe you have had a snack) but you aren’t going to be able to brush your teeth for a while, you of course want to salivate! As mentioned, this is good for your mouth but something you probably don’t think about much, reminds your Riverside dentist. Fortunately, when you eat a healthy low-carb and sugar-free snack (like nuts or fresh veggies) or you chew sugarless gum, you get the saliva flowing. Eating always causes saliva to flow but when you choose things that don’t harm your oral health, it’s a completely safe experience!

If It’s Not Happening, You Should See Us

Remember, if you think you’re having an issue with saliva flow (as in, your mouth is dry), call your Riverside dentist for a visit!

Contact Us For Help With Dry Mouth

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