Did you know that cavities are the most common chronic dental condition for both kids and adults? In fact, more than 90 percent of people will experience at least one cavity in their lifetime. However, how severe that cavity becomes and how much affects the rest of your oral health depends on how soon you seek treatment for it. At our Riverside, CA, dental office, we can help you improve your chances of preventing a cavity from developing. Or, we can comfortably and discreetly treat any cavity that has already developed, preferably as early as possible.

If cavities are preventable, why are they so common?

Cavities develop when harmful oral bacteria overwhelm them. The microbes produce acids that weaken and erode your tooth enamel, then slip past the weakened barrier to infect your main tooth structure. Brushing and flossing your teeth twice a day can remove all traces of plaque before this happens, and routine dental cleanings can remove tartar (calcified plaque) before it lingers too long. However, many people skip brushing and flossing once in a while, neglect to attend every routine checkup and cleaning, or simply don’t remove the bacteria in time to prevent it from affecting their teeth.

Does every cavity need a tooth filling to fix it?

Most cavities that have time to develop can often be treated with a custom tooth-colored filling. The filling is made from composite resin, which is tinted to match your tooth’s appearance, and can successfully restore and protect a cavity-stricken tooth. However, some early signs can indicate the early presence of enamel erosion – the precursor to tooth decay and cavities – and can warn your dentist of trouble during your routine dental exam. If detected early enough, enamel erosion may be reversed, helping you avoid a cavity and the need for a tooth filling.

What if I ignore my cavity for a while?

Besides preventing cavities, allowing one to grow more severe can also render a tooth filling unnecessary. That’s because the infection will have become too extensive for the filling to address, and your tooth may need root canal treatment to restore it. The procedure involves removing decay from the internal structures of the tooth (the pulp and root canal), then filling and sealing the structures before capping the tooth with a dental crown.

Learn more about cavities and how to treat them

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