Maybe you’re quite good at making decisions, from choosing new tile for your kitchen to purchasing a leather jacket! Yep, they’re a bit costlier than say, a cup of coffee or a pair of jeans, but you know what you want and that makes life simple. However, when it comes to things like Invisalign treatment, it’s a whole different experience! While you’re certain you want a straight smile, you’re apprehensive about saying, “Yes!” to this system. Fortunately, we are quite familiar with frequent areas of apprehension and can help you move forward if an aligned grin is your goal!

You Wonder: Is It Worth It?

You ask if Invisalign treatment is worth it. After all, you do have to wear clear aligners over your smile for months and there’s an investment, like any other smile-related treatment. From our professional perspective, of course, the answer is yes. Consider our following assessments:

  • If you’re aligning your smile due to cosmetic reasons, remember that the way you feel about your appearance is extremely impactful in your life. Your confidence carries you through your social life, your professional life, and more. Improving the alignment of your smile is quite valuable.
  • If you’re aligning your smile because your alignment is leaving you with a very imbalanced bite, remember that this can lead to long-term oral health issues and more. You may have trouble eating comfortably, it can encourage problems like bruxism and TMJ disorder (which carry frustrating symptoms like jaw pain, smile damage, and headaches with them), and caring for your smile may even be difficult. Aligning your teeth is extremely powerful for your health.

You Ask: Will It Work For Me?

Most likely. The only way to know for sure whether Invisalign treatment will provide you with the care you need is to come in to find out! Fortunately, it works for most!

You Question: Is It Realistic?

We are happy to remind patients worried that fitting Invisalign treatment into their lives will feel difficult that it’s really one of the easiest orthodontic systems to integrate into daily life! Why do we say this, you ask? Well, the trays are clear, you can’t really see them, you can remove them when you need to, and they’re comfortable. Done and done!

Visit Us For Invisalign Treatment

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