Taking care of your smile can become a strange game when you end up debating things you once took as fact. For example, you likely grew up believing that you need fluoride for a healthy smile and that toothpaste with this mineral is the best! However, suddenly, thanks to friends, things you read online, social media, and more, you may find yourself unsure. Is this idea true? Or, should you steer clear of fluoride altogether? Our Corona, CA team reminds you that when you’re in doubt, all you need to do is ask your Corona dentist for answers! As for this particular topic…

Fact: It’s Found In Nature!

We remind you that fluoride is natural. As in, you can simply find it occurring in nature. You may assume it’s been manufactured or that it’s some added chemical to toothpaste, community water, and more. What you’re overlooking is that it’s essential and it comes from the earth, reminds your Corona dentist!

Fact: It’s Only “Bad” If You’re Eating Heaping Servings

You may hear a lot of controversy surrounding fluoride, particularly as it is added to drinking water, toothpaste, etc. What we encourage patients to remember is that of course, it is absolutely toxic to your body if you ingest heaping servings of fluoride. However, if you’re just drinking the required amount of daily water (and you’re selecting treated tap water) or you’re using the amount of toothpaste suggested on the package … it’s perfectly safe for you and your children!

Fact: Kids Really Need It

Your kids absolutely need fluoride or their teeth may develop poorly, they will be far more susceptible to decay, and it can lead to problems. Your Corona dentist reminds you to bring your kiddos in every six months for checkups and cleanings, so we may assist you with maintaining optimal fluoride levels.

Fact: Adults Still Need Some, Too

Yep, your smile is fully developed but you still need to use toothpaste with fluoride in it, suggests your Corona dentist, to keep your grin safe!

Get Fluoride Facts From Us

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