If there’s professional smile care that you receive when you visit our Corona, CA practice, then we will refer to everything else that you’re providing yourself (from brushing and flossing to making wise choices as you eat and more) as personal smile care. While you likely realize that there is, in fact, this distinction and that you do put effort forth in keeping your smile clean and in lovely shape, you may not have ever really dedicated time to asking yourself what supports this part of your smile protection. Consider the details with your Corona dentist, so you know you’re on track in all areas!

Scheduling Out Your Day

We remind you that when you’re doing your best to practice preventive care on your own through dental hygiene, one of the things you do (or could start doing) in order to fully support these efforts is scheduling out your day! In order to be sure that you make life as easy as possible, your Corona dentist reminds you that it’s best to have a specific time slot dedicated to care in the morning and then another at night. That way, you’re never feeling like you don’t have time for a full brushing and/or flossing session! You can also enjoy hygiene without feeling like it’s a disruption. Remember, it’s also wise to keep a shopping list handy, so you are always on schedule with picking up the items you need (so you don’t accidentally run out!).

Your Professional Care, Of Course!

Now, your Corona dentist wants you to remember that the professional dental care you receive from our practice provides you with immense support in terms of your personal dental care. What do we mean? Well, in short, when you’re keeping up with professional services, you’re making it so your efforts in your home bathroom can be as successful as possible. For instance, when you keep up with preventive cleanings and checkups, you can brush and floss your best because you’re maintaining plaque-and-tartar-free teeth with our help. Then, when you see us for restorative care as needed, you quickly usher your smile back toward optimal health, so the care you provide yourself isn’t counterproductive!

Letting Us Know When You Need Help

From needing between-visit visits or asking about products, dental hygiene, etc. remember that when you ask questions, you give yourself the know-how you need to practice your absolute best personal care!

Offer Your Smile Optimal Support

Remember that optimizing the support you provide your smile when you’re doing your best with your personal care means incorporating professional care, as well! Contact our team for your every smile care need. Give us a call in Corona, CA to schedule a consultation with your dentist. We are proud to serve patients from Riverside, Temecula, Moreno Valley, Corona, and all surrounding California communities. To schedule an appointment, contact one of the following locations nearest to you:

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