You might not ever equate a particular time of year to a greater danger for your TMJs. However, your Riverside dentist would like you to recognize that when something isn’t quite on track with your oral health, you can almost always pick out changes from one season to another than can have a surprising impact on your smile! Today, our Riverside, CA team takes you through the potential problems that you can easily overlook in terms of TMJ disorder and summertime factors that might make it worse!

You’re Having Too Much Fun For Visits

You might be having so much fun that you forget to come in for your usually scheduled dental checkup and cleaning. Of course, this is bad news for a long list of reasons, which includes the fact that your TMJs may require care from your Riverside dentist that you’ll only receive if we actually get to see you! So, rather than letting your TMJ disorder run rampant and worsen over the few months that summer include, you should really come in for any regularly scheduled care (or, add another checkup in if you’re concerned about your TMJ health for good measure).

You’re Eating More Ice (Etc.)

Hey. It’s hot out. That means you’re probably sipping on some delightfully refreshing beverages, whether that includes water or something less kind for your smile, such as lemonade. One thing that’s for sure? Those glasses are probably filled with ice to help cool you down, which means you may be chomping on more of it than usual. Or, you may be making more allowances (on account of summertime being fun time) that can exacerbate your TMJ disorder. Your Riverside dentist reminds you: Make good choices all year long to keep your jaw joints healthy!

This Relaxing Season? It’s More Stressful!

This time of year should be relaxing but if you’re planning travel, staying with relatives, you have to work and try to have fun, etc., you may be gritting and grinding your teeth, which makes TMJ disorder worse. Your Riverside dentist reminds you: Come in for care, so we can help you prevent damage!

Take Care Of Your TMJs

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