Are you currently dealing with receding gums? While you may not be completely familiar with this term, this simply means that your gum tissue has been pulling back, away from the tips of your teeth, which leaves you with some of your root tissue exposed! It may not seem like a huge deal at first but our Corona, CA team reminds you that this is an issue you should take seriously! To begin, learn more from your Corona dentist and you’ll start to see why you should come in to take care of the issue, so you can avoid complications!

It Leads To Sensitivity

Now, let’s talk about the fact that your enamel is a hard, shield like tissue layer that covers the crown of your tooth, or the tissue that’s above your gumline. Unfortunately, that enamel doesn’t extend beneath your gumline. So, when you deal with gum recession, some of your root tissue becomes exposed. The nerves, which are usually comfortably housed beneath your gingival tissue, suddenly become exposed to the open air! You may end up with some uncomfortable sensitivity as a result, explains your Corona dentist.

It Makes Your Smile Less Attractive

When you deal with receding gums, the more your gum tissue pulls away, the more of your dental tissue becomes exposed. This creates the illusion of teeth that look longer and longer. Over time, your gum recession may yield a smile that’s not quite as attractive as it once was. To avoid such a side effect, your Corona dentist suggests you come in soon to address the problem and to stop associated complications.

It Leaves Teeth Vulnerable To Decay And Infection

In addition to the fact that your roots become more visible and exposed, remember that this means bacteria will also have access to this usually protected tissue. So, your tooth’s roots become more likely to deal with infection and decay, which you don’t want! See your Corona dentist for periodontal care, so you don’t end up with serious dental damage.

See Us For Help With Gum Recession 

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