What’s on your nightstand, our Riverside, CA team wonders? Do you have a light? A radio? A clock? While you may have a variety of things that you like to keep within reach when you get into bed, our question is whether any of those items help support your journey toward maintaining exceptional oral health! Whether you’re nodding your head because you’re all stocked up smile-related essentials or you’re shrugging because not sure what we’re referring to, your Riverside dentist is pleased to toss out some simple yet beneficial suggestions to consider!


One very smart item to keep on your nightstand, explains your Riverside dentist, is water! If you wake up in the middle of the night and feel thirsty or have a dry mouth, due to mouth breathing, water is there to help you! It won’t harm your smile but is, instead, quite good for your oral health. It’s the one thing you can consume in bed that isn’t considered detrimental to your smile.

A Humidifier

Do you suffer from dry mouth when your allergies kick in? How about when you’re running the central heat or AC? Maybe you find that you deal with serious dryness simply as a result of our climate. Whatever the case, when you could use an improvement in moisture levels (which could really help with your oral health, as a moist mouth is key!), consider adding a humidifier to your bedside, suggests your Riverside dentist.

Your Oral Appliance

Do you rely on any type of oral appliance? For bruxism? TMJ disorder? How about snoring? If so, while you may tend to keep these in the bathroom part of the time, so you may keep them clean, remember to transport them to your nightstand when you get into bed (if you haven’t already placed it in your mouth), so you don’t accidentally drift off without your treatment in place!

Your Cell Phone Or Daily Planner

Keep your cell phone or a planner by your bed, so you can check in every morning with your schedule. Do you have a checkup scheduled with your Riverside dentist? Do you need to call us to plan a visit? Easy!

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